Adult Psychiatry Residency



University Hospitals – Cleveland Medical Center’s adult psychiatry residency is affiliated with Case Western Reserve University. As our department offers all ACGME-accredited fellowships, as well as Woman’s Mental Health and Public & Community Psychiatry, residents obtain a strong foundation and mentoring in all areas of psychiatry (including sub-specialties). 

Each year we accept nine residents into our four-year program. We seek out candidates who are well-rounded, passionate, and resilient – qualities we consider indicative of one’s future as a psychiatrist, both as a practitioner and field-leader. 

Our program is structured to provide tomorrow’s psychiatrists with the skills needed to navigate America’s increasingly complex healthcare system. We do this through mentoring, scholarly projects inclusive of quality improvement, didactic programming, diverse and intensive clinical schedules.  All trainees at University Hospitals Cleveland also complete a Health Systems Science curriculum annually. 

The first year of training is focused on developing core competencies in medicine, neurology, and psychiatry. The second year continues to develop these competencies and allows residents to utilize acquired skills in a variety of settings ranging from inpatient child and adult psychiatric units, to general medical floors, addiction treatment centers and a psychiatric emergency room. 

The first two years of training are primarily focused on the biological perspective of psychiatry. The latter two years integrate a firm grounding in psychotherapy. In their third year, residents begin outpatient clinics functioning as both prescribers and therapists.  We provide senior residents latitude and flexibility to spend additional time in areas of their choosing (clinical, academic, or research). 

There are also approximately three hours a week of one-on-one attending supervision across the third and fourth training years.

We have an extensive didactic curriculum across all four years with protected time on Wednesday (first through fourth years) and Friday (third and fourth years) mornings.  We attempt to incorporate adult learning styles into our teaching and include experiential components inclusive of community fieldtrips.  Our curriculum is designed to provide core competencies in all of the necessary areas of psychiatry, and the basics of neurology and internal medicine. Our didactics also strive to help residents develop skills in leadership, teaching, collaboration, conflict management and sociocultural competence.

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