December 15th:

Sihler Lecture

Topic:  The Role of Culture in the Care of Patients and Families
SpeakerJames Boehnlein, MD





December 8th:

Maryellen Davis Lecture

Topic:  Mechanisms of Variable Disease Expression
Speaker:  Abidemi Adegbola, MD 







November 17th:

Topic: Morbidity & Mortality Conference: A 50-Year Old male with Schizophrenia
Speaker: Heather Wobbe, DO. MBA and Edward Kilbane, MD

November 10th:

Alhambra Lecture

Topic: Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities: A Canadian Tale
Speaker: Yona Lunsky, PhD, C.Psych

November 3rd:

Topic: Integrative Medicine for Mental Health: An Evidence- Based Review
Speaker: Christine Kaiser, MS, Lac,LCH,FABORN






October 20th:

Topic: Introduction to Problem and Disordered Gambling
Speaker: Ashley Hartman, MPH, CHES, OCPSA

October 13th:

Topic: The Goldwater Effect & Psychiatry
Speaker: Cheryl Wills, MD

October 6th:

Miriam B. Rosenthal Lecture

Topic: Comfort Zones, Contraception and Clinical Excellence in Mental Health
Speaker: Lulu Zhao, MD, FACOG

September 29th:

Bond Lecture

Topic: The Notorious Past and Bright Future of Psychiatry
Speaker: Jeffrey Lieberman, MD

September 22nd:

Topic: New Research on Epilepsy Stigma
Speaker: Martha Sajatovic, MD 

September 15th:

Topic: When Doctors Become Patients 
Speaker: Robert Klitzman, MD 




September 8th:

Topic: Suicide Prevention as a Standard of Care
Speaker: Michael Hogan, MD 




August 25th:

Topic: In Vivo Drug Discovery for Neuropsychiatric Disease
Speaker: Andrew Pieper, MD 




August 18th:

Rocco Motto Lecture

Topic: Identifying Traumatic Stress and Its Sequelae in Children: An Evidence-Based Update
Speaker: Alissa Huth-Bocks, PhD. 







August 11th:

Topic: Transitional Youth Initiative Update: Research, Clinical, and Training
Speaker: Andrew Hunt, MD 




August 4th:

Topic: Clinical updates: Clozapine, Opioid Withdrawal, Protocols, Valbenazine for Tardive Dyskinesia
Speaker: Heather Carey, PharmD, BCPP 




July 28th:

Frankel Geriatric Psychiatry Lecture

Topic: Treatment-Resistant Depression in Older Adults: New Research
Speaker: Eric Lenze, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Washington University School of Medicine  


July 21st:

L. Douglas Lenkoski Lecture in Community Psychiatry

Topic: Opioid Addiction: Treatment and Research
Speaker: Marc Fishman, MD, Medical Director Maryland Treatment Centers; Assistant Professor Psychiatry at John Hopkins U School of Medicine



July 14th:

Topic: Beyond the Statistics: The Complexity and Tragedy of the Opiate Epidemic
Speaker: Ashley Braun-Gabelman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Christine Delos Reyes, MD, Associate Professor and Margaret Kotz, DO, Discussant Professor, University Hospitals/CWRU

July 7th:

Topic: Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy in Palliative Care
Speaker: Brian Anderson, MD MSc.








June 30th:

Topic: Gender Dysphoria
Speaker: Mariya Borodyanskaya, MD







June 23rd

Topic: Psychiatrist Woes: Lawsuits and Loss of License
Speaker: Adrienne m. Saxton, MD







June 16th:

Reeves Warm Lecture

Topic: Taming the Shark Music: - MOM POWER
Speaker: Drs. Sarah Lytle, Jaina Amin & Sarah Nagle-Yang






June 9th:

Topic: Ethical Challenges in the Treatment of Adults with Intellectual Disability
Speaker: Thomas Scheidemantel, MD 






May 26th:

Ellen and Irving Rothchild Lecture

Topic: Comanaged Care for Medical Inpatients: C–L vs. C/L
Speaker: Philip R. Muskin, MD,MA,DLFAPA






May 19

Topic: Cosmetic Surgery: Beauty or the Beast? 
Speaker: Mark K. Bahoura, MD





May 12

Topic: Violent Video Games – Physiological and Psychological Impact on Children and Adolescents: Literature Review
Speaker:Sree Lathe Krishna Jadapalle, MD







May 5th:

Stephen B. Levine Lecture

Topic: A View of Sexual Dysfunction Drug Development, The Bremelanotide Story
Speaker:Robert Jordan, Vice President, Clinical Operations & Program Management. Palatin Technologies, Inc.

April 28th:

Topic: A Bitter Pill: Involuntary Psychiatric Medication
Speaker: David Burrow, MD, Forensic Fellow,Case Western Reserve University



April 21st:

Morley Family Depression Lecture

Topic: Longitudinal Aspects of Bipolar Disorder
Speaker: Terrence Ketter, MD 




April 7th

M&M Conference (Geropsych)

Topic: Severe Treatment-Resistant Agitation in Traumatic Brain Injury Patient
Speakers: Christine Koniaris, MD, Aaron Vazquez, MD, Xiaoyan Zhang, MD, Muhammad Aftab, MD   

March 31st:

Boaz Lecture

Topic: Diagnosing and Treating Schizophrenia in Adolescence
Speaker: Adelaide Robb, MD 




March 24th:

Topic: Religious and Spiritual Struggles
Speaker: Julie Exline, PhD







March 17th:

Topic: Indispensable Psychology, Psychiatry (And Forensic Psychiatry)
Speaker: Stephen J. Morse, J.D., PhD




March 10th:

Bipolar Disorder Endowed Lectureship

Topic: Overrated
Speaker: Derek Hess, Cleveland-Based Artist








February 24th:

Alan & Karen Krause College Mental Health Lecture

Topic: Fostering Resilience: The Science of Living a Thriving Life
Speaker: Delvina Miremadi-Baldino, Ph.D.




February 17
Topic: Legal Consideration in College Mental Health
Speaker: Darlinda Minor, MD




February 3rd:

Topic: The Fuzzy Boundaries of Local Heroin Markets & Why They Matter
Speaker: Lee Hoffer, PhD, MPE



January 27th:



January 20th:

Topic: Child Murder by Parents: The Physician’s Role in the Aftermath of Tragedy
Speaker: Phillip J. Resnick, MD






January 13th:

Horner Lecture

Topic: Collaborative & Proactive Solutions: An Empirically Supported Psychosocial Treatment for Behavioral Challenging Youth
Speaker: Ross W. Greene, PhD








January 6th:

GRAND ROUNDS - Required attendance for All UH Employees
Topic: UH Cleveland Medical Center’s Journey to a High Reliability Organization
Speaker: Robyn Strosaker, MD, Chief Medical Officer


December 16th:

Maryellen Davis Lecture

Topic: Relationship Based Intervention with Preschool Aged Children with Autism and Their Parents
Speaker: Gerald Mahoney, PhD.

December 9th:

Sihler Family Lecture

Topic: Elevating Our Game: Enhancing Psychotherapy Supervision to Promote Expertise
Speaker: Donna M. Sudak, MD




November 11th:

Alhambra Lecture

Topic: DSM-5 Criteria for Intellectual Developmental Disorder: Clinical and Forensic (Death Penalty) Implications
Speaker: James Harris, MD




November 4th:

Topic: Training Needs of International Medical Graduates in Psychiatry Residency and Influence of Culture
Speaker: Ashutosh Lodhi, MD, MPH




October 28th:

Topic: Psychiatry Through The Lens: Film’s Portrayal of Mental Illness
Speaker: John Shand, MD









October 21st:

Ellen and Irving Rothchild Lecture

Topic: What I Did NOT Learn in Residency: Transplant Psychiatry AKA Integrated Care
Speaker: Cathy Crone, MD








October 14th:

Rocco L. Motto Lecture

Topic: The Rosie, The Rat-Catcher, and a Game called “Poor”
Speaker: Lenore C. Terr, MD Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF Medical Center








October 7th:

Douglas Danford Bond Lecture

Topic: Ending Homelessness
Speaker: Michael H. Ebert, MD






September 30th:

Miriam B. Rosenthal Lecture

Topic: Maternal Psychiatric Illness and Parenting: From Longitudinal Research to Relationship-Focused Intervention
Speaker: Maria Muzik, MD, MS





September 23rd:

Topic: Medical Board: Friend or Foe
Speaker: Cheryl Wills, MD








September 16th:

Psychiatry Mortality/Morbidity

Topic: Review of Case of Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia-Challenges During an Inpatient Hospitalization
Speaker: Rajeet Shrestha, MD,  Alisa Paliya, MD, Christine LaGrotta, MD, Robert Siedler, DO

September 9th:

Topic: Towards a Psychiatric Understanding of the Transgender Phenomena
Speaker: Kenneth J. Zucker, PhD., C and Stephen Levine, MD







September 2nd:


August 26th:

Topic: Neurosis vs Psychosis – Which is it?
Speaker: Dina Soliman, MD





August 19th:

Robert Frankel Lecture

Topic: Therapeutic Advances in Geriatric Depression
Speaker: Helen Labretsky, MD, MS







August 12th:

Topic: In Search of Schizococcus: Past, Present and Future
Speaker: Awais Aftab, MD







August 5th:

Topic: Living with the Aftershocks – Impact of Disaster on Children, a Psychiatric Perspective
Speaker: Priya Shrestha, MD



July 29th:

Douglas L. Lenkoski, MD Lecture

Topic: Gun Violence, Mental illness, and the Law: Balancing Risks and Rights for Effective Policy
Speaker: Jeffrey Swanson, PhD

July 22nd:

Topic: Climbing the Mountain: Obstacles and Facilitators to Treatment Adherence in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Speaker: Sarah Engle, MD and Erum Ahmad, MD 



July 15th:

Topic: Opioid Use Disorder: The Female Experience
Speaker: Ashley Braun-Gabelman, PhD







July 8th:

Reeves Warm Lecture

Topic: Reducing Anxiety Through Play in Pediatric Populations: Developing Empirical Support
Speaker: Sandra Russ, PhD







Psychiatry Mortality/Morbidity Conference

Please note: Because Morbidity and Mortality Conference is a peer-review activity, ONLY those who are employed by University Hospitals, medical students, trainees at UH, or those who have ACTIVE hospital privileges at UH are able to attend.

Topic:  Neuropsychiatric Issues in a Patient with Intellectual Disability
Speaker: Edward Kilbane, MD and Jennifer Brandstetter, MD

June 24th:

Topic: Fitting In When Standing Out: Transitioning into Adulthood with Autism
Speaker: Mona Ferrer, MD, PGY-4 Resident, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center


June 17th:

Topic: Five Landmark Cases that Shaped the Practice of Psychiatry”
Speaker: Alexis Beattie, MD, PGY-5 Forensic Fellow University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center 

June 10th:

Topic: How Coming to Terms with Death is Like Trying to Look at the Sun:
Speaker: Stuart Youngner, MD, Professor of Bioethics and Psychiatry Department of Bioethics University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center 





June 3rd:

DEPARTMENT MEETING & Spring Faculty Retreat 

May 27th:

Topic: Kuhn and Paradigm Shifts in Psychiatry
Speaker: Jacob McBride, DO, PGY-4 Resident University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center




May 20th: 

Morley Family Foundation Lecture on Depression and Post-Depression Recovery

Topic: Addressing the Crisis in the Development of New Treatments for Major Depression
Speaker: Andrew D. Krystal, MD, MS  



May 13th:

Topic: Mass Murder and Mental Illness: Smoking Gun or Smoke and Mirrors

Speaker: Lubna Grewal, MD





May 6th:

Topic: The Intersections of ACES, IPV, Neighborhood and Structural Violence on Physical and Mental Health Outcomes
Speaker: Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN




April 29th:

Topic:Black and Blue or Black and White? The Battered Woman Syndrome as a Legal Defense
Speaker: Shree Sarathy, MD, PGY-5 Forensic Psychiatry Fellow University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center


April 22nd:

Willard D. Boaz Memorial Lecture

Topic: Childhood Sexual Abuse: Disclosure, Assessment and Treatment Considerations
Speaker: Brooks Keeshin, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics University of Toledo




April 15th:

Topic: Putting on our Oxygen Masks: Promoting Wellness and Preventing Resident Burnout
Speaker: Monica Tone, MD, PGY-4 Psychiatry Resident University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center



April 8th:

Morley/Mather Lecture

Topic: Prevalence, Impact, and Treatments of Treatment-Refractory Bipolar 1 Depression:Focus on MR Imaging, Tractography and Deep Brain Stimulation
Presented at Kulas Auditorium, Lakeside Building, 5th floor
Speakers: Keming Gao, MD, Associate Professor University Hospitals/ClevelandMedical Center 
Jennifer Sweet, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center




April 1st:

Topic: What Went Wrong: Child Psychiatry M&M
Speaker: Molly McVoy, MD, Assistant Professor,Child &Adolescent Psychiatry University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center


March 25th:

Topic: Why You Should Care About the NIMH Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) Initiative
Speaker: Jess Levy, MD 




March 18th:

Topic: What Does A Behavioral Health Specialist Need to Know about the Twelve Steps
Speaker: Nnennaya Nwokeji, MD



March 11th:

Phillip J. Resnick Forensic Psychiatry Lecture

Topic: End of Life Decision-Making: The Role of the Psychiatrist
Speaker:  Richard Martinez, MD, MH




February 26th:

Bipolar Disorders Research Lecture

Topic:  Convergent Mechanistic Models for Neuropsychiatric and Metabolic Disorders: Implications for Novel Therapies 
Speaker: Roger S. McIntyre, MD, FRCPC





February 19th:

College Mental Health Lecture

Topic: An Overview of Major Issues in College Student Mental Health and Suicide
Speaker: Victor Schwartz, MD 




February 12th:

Topic: Understanding Sleep and Pediatric Psychopharmacology
Speaker: Narendran Neelakantachar, MD 



February 5th:

Topic: Pain Management in Patients with Substance-Use Disorder
Speaker: Adeniyi Alatise, MD 


January 22nd:

Morley/Mather Lecture

Topic: The Urban Brain: How Cities Affect How You Think, Feel, and Behave
Speaker: Sandro Galea, MD, MPH, DrPH, Dean, Professor School of Public Health Boston University



January 29th:

Topic: Treating Developmental Trauma, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: Triple Track or Uni-Dimensional
Speaker: Elizabeth (Betsy) Baker, MD, South Carolina Department of Mental Health







January 15th:

Topic: Clinical Neuroscience of the Mental Disorders: The Emerging biology of Human Emotion Regulation “Focus on Anhedonia”
Speaker: Joseph R. Calabrese, MD, Director, Mood Disorders Program University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center





January 8th:

James A. Horner Lecture

Topic: Early intervention in First Episode Psychosis: An Urgent, Essential and Achievable Task

Speaker: Steven W. Jewell, MD, DLFAPA, Vice President and Medical Director, Child Guidance & Family Solutions, Professor of Psychiatry, Northeast Ohio Medical University



December 18th:

Topic: Therapy Tails: The Evidence for Animal Assisted Therapy
Speaker: Elise A. Bonder, MD, PGY-5 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow, Chief University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center









December 11th:

Topic: Listening to Stories: Making Meaning
Speaker: Susan Stagno, MD, Director of Education, Department of Psychiatry Professor of Psychiatry and Bioethics Sihler Family Professor of Psychiatry






November 20th:

Topic: Acute and Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: Efficacy vs. Effectiveness
Speaker: Keming Gao, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry Clinical Director Mood Disorders Program Medical Director, Electroconvulsive Therapy Service CWRU School of Medicine









November 13th: 


November 6th:

Maryellen Davis Lecture

Topic: The Borderland of Psychiatry and Neurology
Speaker: Max Wiznitzer, MD, Professor, Pediatrics Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, CWRU School of Medicine







October 30th

Topic: Aftermath of a Hijacked Delivery Plan
Speaker: Jaina Amin, MD, BSN, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

October 23rd


October 16th

Topic: Sandplay Therapy/Vocal Psychotherapy”
Speaker: Sana Loue,JD,PhD, MPH,MSSA, MA, LISW, AVT Professor Bioethics, Psychiatry, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Global Health, Vice Dean, Faculty Development and Diversity, CWRU University School of Medicine

October 9th

Rocco L. Motto Lecture

Topic: The Glutamatergic Hypothesis for Down Syndrome: A Translational Journey
Speaker: Alberto Costa, MD, PhD., Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Psychiatry CWRU School of Medicine, Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital – Pediatric Neurology







October 2nd

Topic: The Colorado Batman Movie Massacre: Delusion, Disinhibition or Depravity?”
Speaker: Phillip J. Resnick, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Director, Division of Forensic Psychiatry at Case School of Medicine.







September 25th:

Ellen and Irving Rothchild Lecture

Speaker: Henry Nasrallah, MD
Topic: Advances in the Neurobiology and Psychopharmacology of Schizophrenia





September 18th:

Speaker: Margaret Larkins- Pettigrew, MD
Topic: Commitment to Workforce Diversity and Narrowing the Gap of Health Care Disparities






September 11th:

Douglas Danford Bond Lecture

Speaker: Thomas C. Bond, MD.
TopicA Century in Psychiatry; A Personal View



August 28th:

Topic: Cognition in schizophrenia with a focus on CET

Speaker: Rajeet Shrestha, MD, Senior Instructor, Department of Psychiatry University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Richmond Adult Inpatient Unit



August 21st:

Topic: Integrated Care Pilot Programs

Speaker: Sarah Nagle-Yang, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center



August 14th: 

Topic: Faculty Development
Speaker: Marge Greenfield, MD, Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Vice Chair for Faculty Development MacDonald Hospital for Women University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center



August 7th:

Topic: Stereotype threat, Self-Efficacy & Career Expectations
Speaker: Elizabeth Harris, PhD, Psychology fellow/Psychiatric Intern with Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry University Hospitals


July 31:

Frankel Geriatric Psychiatry Lecture

Topic: Treatment of Depression in Later Life: Perspectives at the Boundary of Psychiatry, Neurology and Medicine
Speaker: Charles F. Reynolds III, MD, UPMC Endowed Professor in Geriatric Psychiatry Director, Advanced Center for interventions and Services Research in late-Life Depression Prevention and the John A. Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry Director, Aging Institute of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Senior Services and the University of Pittsburgh.



July 24:

Topic: Updates to DSM-V: Eating Disorders
Speaker: Lucene Wisniewski, Ph.D., FAED, Chief Clinical Officer, the Emily Program, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University 

July 17:

Topic: Supervision Focus: Current Technique, Current Tech
Speakers: Susan Stagno, MD Professor of Psychiatry & Bioethics CWRU SOM; Residency Training Director
Andrew Hunt, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry


July 10:

Reeves Warm Lecture

Topic: Building Children’s Emergency Psychiatric Services that Work
Speaker: Ruth Gerson, MD, Director, Bellevue Children’s Comprehensive Pychiatry Emergency Program




June 26th:

Topic: Behind the Mask of Pediatric Catatonia
Speaker: Nicholas K. Eilbeck, MD, PGY-5 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center






June 19th:


Topic: What Every Psychiatrist Should Know about Sex Offenders
Speaker: Daniel T. Hackman, MD, Forensic Psychiatry Fellow PGY-5 Forensic Psychiatry Fellow University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center



June 12th:

 L. Douglas Lenkoski Lecture

Topic: Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Healthcare – The Future of Your Practice
Speaker: Joseph Parks, MD, Distinguished Professor of Science University Missouri St. Louis Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry University of Missouri Columbia





May 29:

Topic: Sovereign Citizens: Differentiating Deviance from Delusion

Speaker: Shree N. Sarathy, MD, PGY-4 Psychiatry Resident University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center





May 22:

Morley Depression Lecture

Topic: Couples Therapy for Preventing Intimate Partner Violence
Speaker: Gunnur Karakurt, PhD, LMFT, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health KL2 Scholar

May 15:

Topic: Assessing and Documenting Suicide Risk: How to Safeguard Your Patients and Self 
Speaker: Nicole Graham, MD, PGY-5 Forensic Psychiatry Fellow University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center