Forensic Psychiatry

Phillip J. Resnick, MD

Director, Forensic Psychiatry

Curriculum Vitae

About the Forensic Psychiatric Clinic

The Forensic Psychiatric Clinic is located in William O. Walker Building. The objectives of the Forensic Psychiatric Clinic are to provide psychiatric legal evaluation and training in law and psychiatry. Referral sources include private attorneys, judges, Legal Aid Society, and the C.W.R.U. Legal Clinic. Dr. Resnick directs the Forensic Psychiatric Clinic staff. Mr. Franklin Hickman (attorney) serves as a consultant.  Dr. Stephen Noffsinger serves as Associate Director of the Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship.

Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare System

Forensic Services: Stephen G. Noffsinger, M.D.

South campus, is a 240-bed state hospital serving chronic patients in Northeast Ohio. The patient population includes about 130 forensic patients who are incompetent to stand trial or have been acquitted by reason of insanity.

Psychiatric Consultation Liaison (C-L)

This service of University Hospitals of Cleveland provides psychiatric consultation for all medical and surgical staff patients at University Hospitals. Some of the Consultation requests involve issues of competency to make medical decision, informed consent, testamentary capacity, and legal -ethical dilemmas involving critically ill patients - e.g., whether life support systems should be stopped.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 216-844-8749.

Fellowship Training in Forensic Psychiatry

Please click here for information on fellowship training in Forensic Psychiatry.