By Last Name

Name                                    Office Phone                         Office Location

Agle, David  MD                     (216)844-2400                        Walker 13125

Amin, Jaina MD                      (216)844-2400                                 

Amunategui, Felipe PhD         (216)844-3881                         Walker 8143

 Barrett, Jera MD JD               (216)844-2400                         Walker 12126

Bedosky, Chris PhD                (216)844-3881                         Walker 1139

Brandstetter, Jennifer  MD      (216)844-2400                         Walker 13121

Calabrese, Joseph MD            (216)844-2400                         Walker 12135

Caringi, Vincent MD                 (216)844-3881                        Walker 1140

Cerny, Cathleen  MD                (216)844-2400                        Walker 8139

Clegg, Kathleen MD                  (216)844-2400                        Walker 13117

Conklin, Danette PhD                (216)844-2400                        Walker 12116

Davis, Maryellen  MD                 (216)844-3881                        Walker 8140

Delos Reyes, Christina MD        (216)844-2400                        Walker 3212

Dines, Philipp MD                      (216)844-2400                         Walker 7107

Fisher, John R.  MD                    (216)844-2400                         Walker 7120

Friedman, Lois PhD                    (216)844-2400                         Walker 7124

Ganocy, Stephen Ph.D.              (216) 844-2853                         Walker 12111

Gao, Keming  MD PhD                (216)844-2400                          Walker 12129    

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Hahn, David MD                           (216)844-2400                          Walker 7128

Hall, Marcie MD                            (216)844-3881                          Walker 1142

Hampl, Steven PhD                      (216)844-2400                          Walker 12122

Heather, John MD                         (216)844-2400                          Walker 12121

Hertzer, John MD                          (216)844-3881                           Walker 1143

Hunt, Andrew MD                         (216)844-2400                            Walker 7120

Janata, Jeffrey  PhD                      (216)844-2400                            Walker 7121

Kilbane, Edward MD                      (216)844-2400                            Walker 13122

Kimmel, Susan  MD                       (216)844-2400                            Walker 13122

Kotz, Margaret DO                          (216)983-3066                            Walker 3205

Lackamp, Jeanne MD                     (216)844-2400                            Walker 13121

Levin, Jennifer PhD                          (216)844-2400                           Walker 7121

Liebenthal,David PhD                       (216)844-2400                           Walker 7124

Lyne, Sarah MD                                 (216)844-3881                           Walker 1140

Mavissakalian, Matig MD                   (216)844-2400                           Walker 7130

McNamara, Nora MD                         (216)844-3881                            Walker 1147

McVoy, Molly MD                                (216)844-3881                            Walker 1146

Minnillo,Paul PhD                                (216)844-2400                            Walker 12112

Munir, Farah, DO                                 (216)844-2400                           Walker 13137

Nagle-Yang, Sarah MD                        (216)844-2400                           McDonald Hosp

Noffsinger, Stephen MD                       (216)286-6669                           Walker 7127

Padrino, Susan MD                               (216)844-2400                          Bolwell 3405

Pagano, Maria, Ph.D                             (216)844-2400                          Walker 1138

Poreh, Amir PhD                                    (216)983-1366                          Walker 7123

Ramirez, Luis F, MD                                (216)844-2400                          Walker 7128

Resnick, Phillip  MD                                (216)844-3415                          Walker 7133

Romero, Michelle DO                              (216)844-2400                          Walker 12131

Ronis, Robert J.  MD, MPH                     (216)844-2400                           Walker 1312

Rosenthal, Miriam MD                             (216)844-2400                           Walker 13115

Ruedrich, Stephen, MD                            (216)844-2400                          Walker 13115

Runnels, Patrick, MD                                (216)844-2400                           Walker 13108                       

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Sajatovic, Martha  MD                              (216)844-2400                            Walker 7104

Sanitato, John MD                                    (216)844-2400

Schinagle, Martha MD                               (216)844-2400                          Walker 12107

Schlachet, Rebecca DO                             (216)844-2400                          Walker 7125

Shirley, Edwin  PhD                                    (216)844-2400                           Walker 12125

Shrestha, Rajeet MD                                  (216)844-2400                           Richmond

Stagno, Susan MD                                      (216)844-2400                          Walker 8138

Stansbrey, Robert  MD                                (216)844-3881                          Walker 1148

Testa, Megan MD                                         (216)844-388                            Walker 1146

Tien, Karen, PhD                                          (216)844-6015

Wills, Cheryl MD                                          (216)844-2400                            Walker 1170


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By Specialty 


Robert Ronis, MD, Chairman

Adult Psychology, Co-occuring Disorders, Public Health, Addiction Psychiatry, Adult Ambulatory, Chemical Dependency, Community Mental Health, Community Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy 


Kathleen Clegg, MD 

Community Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, Disaster Psychiatry, Medical Student Education, Gestait Therapy, Group Psychotherapy

John Fisher, MD

Anxiety, Panic and Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder

David Hahn, MD

Adult Psychiatry, Bipolar Disorder, General Outpatient Psychiatry, Psychotic Disorders, Schizophrenia 

Andrew Hunt, MD

Personality Disorders, Psychoanalysis & Psychodynamic Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Jeff Janata, PhD

Behavioral Medicine, Health Psychology, Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders, Outcomes Measurement, Pain Disorders 

Jeanna Lackamp, MD

Adult Psychiatry, Consultation, Medical Education, Consultation-liaison psychiatry.

 Jennifer Levin, PhD

Behavioral Medicine, Health Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Pain Disorders 

David Liebenthal, PhD

Group Psychotherapy, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and substance use, "Cluster B" Personality Disorders (Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic and Narcissistic), psychodynamic, cognitive and Gestalt psychotherapy

Susan Padrino, MD

Adult Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Community Psychiatry, Family Therapy, Residency Education, Medical Student Education

Luis Ramirez, MD

Adult Psychiatry 

Stephen Ruedrich, MD

Intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, autism education, electroconvulsive therapy 

Patrick Runnels, MD

Administration, Barriers to Evidence- based Practice Implementation Sys, Education, Public Psychiatry 

Susan Stagno, MD

Psycho-oncology, Consultation Psychiatry, Anxiety Disorders


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Margaret Kotz, DO Director, Addiction Recovery Service

Addictive Disorders in the Seriously Medically Ill, Addictive Disorders in Women, Prevention and Education for Addictive Disorders, Addiction Psychiatry, Transplant Psychiatry, Women's Health


Matig Mavissakalian, MD

Behavioral and Pharmacological Treatment for Anxiety, Phobic, Panic, Obsessive-Compulsive and Stress Disorders


David Agle, MD

Med-Psych Clinical Interface, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Psychosomatic Medicine, Medical Education, Consultation-Liason

Jeanne Lackamp, MD Director, Psychosomatic Service

Adult Psychiatry, Medical Education, Psychiatric Consultation


Christina Delos-Reyes, MD

Addiction Medicine and dual diagnosis Rx, Physician Impairment and recovery, Medical student/resident education, Organized medicine, Public policy, Physician wellness

Farah Munir, DO

Community Psychiatry, Academic Psychiatry, Public Mental Health, HIV Psychiatry, Organized Psychiatry, College Mental Health


Philipp Dines, MD

Geropsychiatry, Geriatric mood disorders, Geriatric psychotic disorders, Dementia, Brain injury, Mental retardation, Psychiatric issues in neurological and medical primary illness, Neural Networks, Neuropsychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry

Amir Poreh, PhD

Neuropsychological test development, brain imaging/(NIR)

Martha Sajatovic, MD

Health Services, Bipolar Disorder, Geriatric Psychiatry, Womens Mental Health. Depression

Rebecca Schlachet, DO

General geriatric psychiatry, Dementia evaluations, Mood Disorders in later life, Behavioral management in elderly with dementia related behavioral issues


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Joseph Calabrese, MD Director, Mood Disorder Program

Adult Psychiatry, Bipolar Disorder/Rapid Cycling, Co-Morbid Substance Use, Mood Disorders accompanied by alcohol/drug abuse, Treatment of Refractory Mood Disorders, Unipolar and Bipolar Disorder

Jera Barrett, MD        

Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia  

Keming Gao, MD

Adult Psychiatry, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorders Research, Moods, Phenomenology and Psychopharmacotherapy, Comorbid Anxiety and Substance Use Disorder

Steven Hampl, PhD

Mood and Anxiety disorders, Cognitive behavioral Therapy, Couples therapy, Helping people recover from trauma, developing healthy lifestyles , exercise, racquetball, cycling.

John Heather, MD

Adult Psychiatry, Anxiety Disorders, Dual Diagnosis, Mood Disorders, Intensive Outpatient Programming.

Paul Minnillo, PhD

Mood Disorders, Chronic pain, Early Adulthood, Individual, Couples, Family and Group Psychotherapy, Supervision, and Developmental/Transitional Issues

Martha Schinagle, MD

Adult psychiatry and mood disorders, Depression, Bipolar Disorder

 Ed Shirley, PhD

CBT, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, running and woodworking


Lois Friedman, PhD

Psycho-oncology, Cancer Genetics, Cancer Prevention, Psychotherapy, Research, Minority and Medically unobserved Population


Jaina Amin, MD, Co-Program Director

Working with women with mental health concerns who are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant, or postpartum; and working with individuals with eating disorders. 

Sarah Nagle-Yang, MD, Co-Program Director

Psychiatric disorders and other mental health issues occurring during pregnancy, postpartum or menopause.

Jeffrey Janata, PhD

Pain and neurological disorders,  Bi-directional relationships between health and behavior,  Women’s health issues such as pelvic pain and sexual function.

Kingsburg, Sheryl, PhD

Treatments for female sexual disorders and the psychological aspects of infertility and menopause.

Danette Conklin PhD           

Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Pain, Couples, Family, and Group Psychotherapy       


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John Hertzer, MD Interim, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology for Kids

Felipe Amunategui, PhD

Assessment and treatment of adolescents with co morbid disorders; cognitive-behavior therapy; Psychotherapy process research; Graduate Education & Training; School/Community Consultation; Program design and evaluation; self-producing systems

Chris Bedosky, Phd

Children, Adolescents, Adults, CBT, OCD, anxiety disorders, depression, pathological skin picking disorder, body dysmorphic disorder.

Maryellen Davis, MD

Adolescents; Depression in Children & Adolescents; Teaching

Marcie Hall, MD

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Consult-Liason Psychiatry, Development Disabilities, Parent Guidance, Teaching

Nora McNamara, MD

Adolescent Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Pediatric Psychopharmacology

Molly McVoy, MD

Early Childhood Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy of anxiety disorders, Clinical research, Preschool Mental Health

Maria Pagano, Ph.D.

Factors influencing addiction in 12-step facilitated treatment including medication-assisted treatment, psychiatric comorbidity, social networks, stressful life events, and 12-step participation, Positive Psychology, addiction medicine, statistics

 Robert Stansbrey, MD

 Adolescent Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, General Child Psychiatry, Preadolescence.

 Karen Tien, PhD

Child Chronic Illness, pediatric injury, psychological adjustment problems, health promotion, parenting, cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cheryl Willis, MD

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry

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